Unique lecture by Elena Borisenko: 11 December 2016, Tel-Aviv University

borisenkoLegal Bridge «Moscow — Tel Aviv»

Lecture held by the first vice-president and board member of «Gazprombank» (ex-deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation)

On December 11, 2016 at 17:00 at Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University, in the framework of the International Project «Legal Bridge «Moscow — Tel Aviv», the only lecture held by Elena Borisenko, a former deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, the first vice-president and board member of «Gazprombank» nowadays, will be taking place.

During the presentation and the subsequent open dialog, Ms. Borisenko will shed light on the issues in the recent amendments in the Russian civil legislation and law enforcement, and their consequences which they might trigger in Russian-Israeli relationship.

The lecture has been organized by Tel Aviv University (Faculty of Law) and Israeli Russian-speaking Law Office «Eli Gervits».

No registration fee is charged; however the participation will be allowed only for pre-registered participants, approved in advance by the organizers. The number of participants is strictly limited.

The lecture will be held in English. 

For more detailed information please call Alina at 052-4634900